Gentleman Jim

He’s charming and thoughtful
Kind and resourceful
A friend when you need him
Is Gentleman Jim

Tall and impressive
Seldom aggressive
Debonair, slim
That’s Gentleman Jim

He’s married to Vicky
Which can sometimes be tricky
Yes, life can be grim
For Gentleman Jim

It’s a balancing act
An uneasy pact
Living life on the rim
For Gentleman Jim

But knowing what to expect
and mutual respect
Means that life’s never dim
For Gentleman Jim

Anyway now that he’s seventy
Let’s celebrate pleasantly
And all sing this hymn
To Gentleman Jim

It’s a tune you’ll all know
With just one change to show
That its special to him
Our Gentleman Jim

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Not to Fred, Charles or Tim
But to Gentleman Jim