Legends of Pop

Inspired by the Jubilee celebratory concerts:-

We’ve seen them go on, long after they should stop
Wrestling with twenty-year-old keys

These legends of pop

But, summoned by Royal command,
Lords, knights – Sir ‘this’ and ‘that’ -
Pensioners to a man, they all turn up
Sharp lapels.  Vocals flat.

Thin, wheezy
no longer soaring
High notes not quite made
Sweat glands pouring

We’ve seen them, thick below, thin on top
Wrinkled, hair-dyed, botoxed up
We’ve seen them  – why risk a flop?
Retire, while we still love you!

Legends of pop

You’ve made your millions,
strutted your stuff
Still you carry on cavorting
short of puff.

But then, a revelation!  The finest of the crop
The man in black
We’ve seen you, ladies, how he caught you on the hop
Awakening youthful fantasies

This legend of pop

Grizzled grey – twinkling eyes
A phe-nom-e-non
And that voice from the valleys
Re-born, sexy as ever, the great Sir Tom

The magic’s lasted – no need
to question how
Once you threw your knickers -
who’s to say you wouldn’t now?

But why just him?

A true living legend of pop

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