So, we’re all diabetic we’re told – how pathetic
if it’s true that we’re all in this state!
It’s not even genetic the truth’s more prophetic
for we all know it’s down to our weight

Were we more dietetic and less apathetic
about what we eat every day
A bit more athletic, enthused, energetic
We’d probably keep it at bay

For it’s not synergetic far less sympathetic
to dump our misfortune on others
But food is magnetic and anti-kinetic
So, let’s blame it all on our mothers

Still, no need to despair if you’re losing your hair
and you’re not what you once were in bed
For help is at hand (ain’t the NHS grand?)
and, let’s face it, we’re easily led

So, give the doc a description he’ll write a prescription
and give you the answer you seek
An overnight fast’s best then a sample and blood test
– and you’ll get the results in a week

Blood sugar’s a devil when it’s way above level
And your insulin number’s adrift
Having trouble performin’? get on that Metformin
and you’ll be back on top in a jif!

(Oh, and here’s a ‘PS’ – I’d like to confess
in my efforts to make this poetic
It was clearly absurd to make every word
try to rhyme with the word ‘diabetic’)

July 2014