The fluttering palms against a blue-drenched sky
compete with gulls that dart between the wispy clouds
then swoop again to catch their prey
against the azure of the bay

The sea expands horizon-wards, it’s motion stilled
by dulled perspective, ivory sand and lazy-lidded eyes
As lulled by angels’ breeze
We drown in drowsy dreams

Too soon the final twist, one lingering turn
throws up those far flung russet hues of red and gold
As Gaia turns her face another way
And night usurps the day

With leaden steps our feet must trudge their path
through crushed long-siphoned shells and silica
Regressing to a lesser plain
with wits restored again

Lazy day drifts into balmy night
When gentle half-heard music calms the soul
Suspending our impatience barely bourn
As we hunger for the dawn

May 2018