The underscore for the episodes of “The Darling Buds of May” set in Brittany with added lyrics and some additional dialogue to place the song in context


Pop:                Madame!  I beg your pardon, Madamoiselle.  Almost didn’t recognise you with the new hair-do.

M.Dupont:     ‘Ave you ‘ad a pleasant day?

Pop:                Fine.  Couple of noggins, spot o’ lunch and a bit of shut-eye. Perfick.

M.Dupont:        Mais toute seul?

Pop:                Eh?  Oh.  On my lonesome.  Oui.  Just the ticket.

M.Dupont:        Please, do come in, Milord.

Pop:                Thanks, mais non.  Just on the way up to Ma as a matter of fact. Bonsoir. (He leaves)

M.Dupont (sung)

He is so disarming

Such a noble smile

Strong, restrained and charming

That’s his style

Soon he will be going

Just an hour or so

Are my feelings showing

Does he know?

Now I can see

How an Englishman can be

A man of the world he’s

A gentleman, mais oui?

Are my feelings showing?

Not a word…

Soon he will be going

My milord

             (POP re-appears in his dressing gown)

Pop:                It’s me again, pardon.

M.Dupont:        Not at all.

Pop:                I was on the prowl for a bottle of champagne.

M.Dupont:        A celebration?

Pop:                No, just a nightcap.

M.Dupont:        What kind of champagne do you prefer?

Pop:                Any sort – as long as it’s got bubbles.

M.Dupont:        A Bollinger ’54, will that suit?

Pop:                Perfick!  (He leaves but pauses outside her door)

M.Dupont:        Champagne for a nightcap!  Who can match the panache of the English aristocracy?

Pop (sung)

What a sweet French lady

Living all alone

Must have been a cracker

Long ago

Maybe I can help her

Fan her little flame

She seems to think I’m someone

What’s her game?

To get married again

Too proud to go looking

Her smile hides the pain

Seems to think I’m someone

Not a word

If she wants to think so

I’m a Lord

            (POP knocks on her door)

M.Dupont:        Oh, it’s you again…

Pop:                Sorry, I forgot the glasses.

M.Dupont:        How resplendent you are in your robe!  When I see you like that, I can imagine you in your other robes – Lord Larkin of Seedcup!

Pop:                True Blue!  Can I smell lily-of-the-valley?

M.Dupont:        Les Muguets!  How very clever of you!

                      (sound of champagne cork)

Pop:                A votre sante, Antoinette!

M.Dupont:        Parfait, mon Sidney.  Or should I say ‘perfick’?

M.Dupont (sung)

Are my feelings showing?

Not a word

Pop (sung)

If she wants to think so

I’m a Lord.


October 1991