Written as a theme song for a TV series that never happened!

Just when you thought that life’s messed you about
Just when you felt that time was running out
That’s when it comes
The one you thought you’d missed
You’d crossed it off your list
The Big One

Just as you made your mind up not to care
Just as the years had taught you love was rare
Then ‘round the corner
Loitering with intent
The one you never meant
The Big One

How can it be that something so absurd
Is happening to somebody like you?
What are you supposed to do
When suddenly you feel brand new
And everything reminds you
Of a long-forgotten word?

When you remember all the hurt and pain
Made up your mind it isn’t worth the strain
Long since decided there’s nothing more to gain
That’s when it comes
(1st time) The Big One

(2nd time) The one you thought you’d missed
The one you can’t resist
The Big One

Words and Music, March 2001