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“The Big One”

Written as a theme song for a TV series that never happened! Just when you thought that life’s messed you about Just when you felt that time was running out That’s when it comes The one you thought you’d missed You’d crossed it off your list The Big One Just as you made your mind up not to care Just as the years had taught you love was rare Then ‘round the corner Loitering with intent The one you never meant The Big One How can it be that something so absurd Is happening to somebody like you? What are you supposed to do When suddenly you feel brand new And everything reminds you Of a long-forgotten word? When you remember all the hurt and pain Made up your mind it isn’t worth the strain Long since decided there’s nothing more to gain That’s when it comes (1st time) The Big One (2nd time) The one you thought you’d missed The one you can’t resist The Big One Words and Music, March 2001

“True Blue”

The underscore for the episodes of “The Darling Buds of May” set in Brittany with added lyrics and some additional dialogue to place the song in context   Pop:                Madame!  I beg your pardon, Madamoiselle.  Almost didn’t recognise you with the new hair-do. M.Dupont:     ‘Ave you ‘ad a pleasant day? Pop:                Fine.  Couple of noggins, spot o’ lunch and a bit of shut-eye. Perfick. M.Dupont:        Mais toute seul? Pop:                Eh?  Oh.  On my lonesome.  Oui.  Just the ticket. M.Dupont:        Please, do come in, Milord. Pop:                Thanks, mais non.  Just on the way up to Ma as a matter of fact. Bonsoir. (He leaves) M.Dupont (sung) He is so disarming Such a noble smile Strong, restrained and charming That’s his style Soon he will be going Just an hour or so Are my feelings showing Does he know? Now I can see How an Englishman can be A man of the world he’s A gentleman, mais oui? Are my feelings showing? Not a word... Soon he will be going My milord              (POP re-appears in his dressing gown) Pop:                It’s me again, pardon. M.Dupont:        Not at all. Pop:                I was on the prowl for a bottle [...]


The theme tune from ‘The Darling Buds of May’ Strawberries in the fields Bluebells in the woods Evening sunlight, broken gold sprinkling through the trees Chestnuts carrying blossom rich and thick like Jersey cream Geese to feed, hens to feed, pigs to feed, kids to feed! Meadows white with flowers Orchards in late bloom Petals like confetti and a cuckoo's call at noon Nightingales that sing all day its Paradise in every way "Perfick!" that's what I say. Dinners in the shade A breath of shimmering breeze Sky as blue as thrushes's eggs glimpsing through the trees Smell of rising oats and barley Roasted geese with sage and parsley "Perfick" that's what I say. Oh, to be in England when the green woods laugh in May A little of what you fancy does yer good that's what I say! Mad midsummer larks splashing in a stream Deckchair lazing, pink champagne a 'perfick' summer's dream Off to bed at half past two Up to see the sun break through "Perfick" that's what I say! January 1991 with thanks to H.E.Bates,

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